ANGELINO means a celestial attendant of god, or in short an angel.
RUFOLO is referred to the name of this Angel.

ANGELINO RUFOLO is an angel named RUFOLO
who is a messenger of god for the secret of gentlemen’s formal dress
with a magic transformation that will make every man look
amazingly fascinating.

The brand ANGELINO RUFOLO was created by
Mr. Somsong Porameesanaporn. He has been inspired from his passion
in gentleman accessories especially neckties. He always says that,
“If a man would like to look good, elegant and outstanding
like a gentleman, he must always wear a beautiful necktie
which is produced from the highest quality materials.”

As a result, he founded S.P.G. IM-EX CO., LTD. in 1993
with his product brand name ANGELINO RUFOLO
for creating the highest quality men’s accessories including
Necktie,  Bow tie,  Cufflink,  Suspender,  Necklace,  Bracelet,  Pendant,  Ring,  Tie clip,  Tie pin,  Pin suit,  Collar stay,  Collar pin,  Collar chain,  Stud,  Handkerchief,  Hat,  Scarf,  Money clip  and  Jewelry box.

ANGELINO RUFOLO is determined to produce
the best men’s accessories with the highest quality material
in our unique style which would provide the magic transformation
that every gentleman is looking for.